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Preventive Dentistry

Teeth Cleanings
Digital Radiographs
Comprehensive Exams
Oral Cancer Screening
Fluoride Treatment

General Dentistry

Porcelain Onlays
Porcelain Crowns
Implant Crowns
Scaling and Root Planing
Root Canals

Tooth Wear/Erosion

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers


White Spot Removal
Closing Tooth Gaps
Closing "Black Triangles"

Gum Recession
Gum Sculpting


Emergency Treatment

Chipped Tooth
Chipped Filling

Dislodged Crowns
Wisdom Teeth Pain
Sensitive Teeth
Swollen/Bleeding Gums
Limited Jaw Opening

Cheek Swelling

General Dentistry

Services: FAQ

What are white bondings?

White bondings are resin composite filling material that are used to build up your tooth. It can be used for cavity treatments, to block sensitivity or to sculpt your tooth shape.

It blends in with your tooth color and is very strong.

What are Porcelain Onlays and Crowns?

Onlays are like partial crowns. It will be in the shape of a filling but fabricated with much stronger material, porcelain,  which blends in with your tooth color. Onlays are recommended if your tooth needs stronger protection. 
Porcelain crowns form a cap over your tooth and are recommended when your tooth needs full coverage and stronger protection. These are highly esthetic as well.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge is necessary when you are replacing missing teeth.

It is held by connected crowns formed over the adjacent teeth of the missing gap. It can serve as an alternative option of an implant placement or partial denture.

Do I need a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing)? Is it different from the 6month cleanings?

A deep cleaning is recommended for patients with deeper gum pockets that hug around a tooth. These pockets build up with food, plaque and bacteria but cannot be cleansed out easily with only a tooth brush or floss. It is crucial to get deep cleanings regularly to maintain your periodontal health if this is your case. Without regular care, the gums, teeth and bone will get affected over time. 
A deep cleaning is NOT equivalent to the 6month cleanings.

What is a root canal therapy? Is it painful? 

Every tooth has canals filled with nerve and blood supply. There are many scenarios when a root canal may be needed to clean and disinfect the canals. To mention a few: when the canal is infected from a cavity, affected from a fractured tooth, develops an inflammation from an old filling or crown, or simply the tooth becomes non-vital.

Pain is generally associated because some patients tend to wait for the pain to start. You will be completely anesthetized during the procedure.

I want to save my tooth. Do I need an extraction?

Various factors must be evaluated to determine its life of a tooth. With thorough examination, Dr. Hong will always explain the salvageability and propose the different treatment options before she ever suggests a tooth to be extracted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

FAQ: Cosmetic Dentistry

Is Invisalign for me?

Whether you want to straighten your teeth, improve your

uneven bite (malocclusion), reduce risks of tooth chipping, Invisalign may be your option to treat all of the above! 
Invisalign are clear aligners and a type of removable orthodontic appliances. They are esthetic due to its clear color and convenient to wear.

Set up a consultation so we can help you visualize a Before & After smile on the stop!


Have you found the store-bought strips giving you sensitive teeth and short-term results? 

You can brighten your teeth with either in-office or take-home whitening. There are numerous brands in the market nowadays

- consult with Dr. Hong first to seek your options for brighter teeth!

What are Veneers for?

Veneers will achieve a bright natural white, symmetric smile. They are fabricated with very strong porcelain material and produce an incredible esthetic smile. They are commonly done to give new smile makeover or to repair any fractured or irregularly shaped tooth.

Is Gum Sculpting or Gum Contouring for me?

Some people have "gummy smiles" or thick extra gum tissue. It is possible to sculpt your gum to create a fuller smile and show more of your natural teeth.

It can be done in a localized area to create a symmetric look or a broader area depending on your needs and desire.  

My tooth gaps and/or "black triangles" are getting bigger. Can I close the gaps?

These gaps and spaces can be covered with different methods. Dr. Hong is very detail-oriented and her steady hands will do magic to sculpt your gaps to look like natural-looking teeth. Her patients love her for this.


Services: FAQ

Are x-rays (digital radiographs) required?

Digital dental x-rays show a lot of information for a dentist to diagnose the health of your teeth and underlying hard and soft tissues. It is not limited to just finding cavities but also helps detecting pathology, infections, the fit of your older crowns and fillings.

You are welcome to email us your x-rays if they were recently taken elsewhere.

Something doesn't feel right, do you take walk-ins? 

Yes, but please call us before visiting so we can do our best to provide the smoothest experience. We value your time and will always try to accomodate emergency dental situations.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

Every insurance plan is very different. Please provide us with your dental insurance information prior to your visit so we can provide a smoother dental experience for you.

I don't see my concerns listed under Services. What can I do?

We are NOT limited to what is listed on the website. Please call us and express your dental concerns. We are here to help you.

What happens on my first visit?

We recommend receiving a comprehensive exam along with  digital radiographs, followed by a teeth cleaning or prophylaxis. This will help Dr. Hong and the patient determine treatments are needed versus recommended.

An individualized treatment option will be discussed on the first day so you do not leave clueless. 

How often do I need to get check ups and cleanings?

Every 6 months is generally what is recommended. However, some patients with periodontal disease, gingivitis, teeth crowding, heavy smokers, stained teeth etc may need more frequent cleanings. 

Dr. Hong will inform you a recommended frequency to keep your teeth and gums in healthy. 

These cleanings are different from deep cleanings. Refer to  "General Dentistry" above.

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